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"In Another Man’s Shoes"

Many Bush haters are making statements about the video of a Muslim throwing two of his shoes at the President. They’re saying that it shows that there is a lack of security speculating that even Bush’s own security team is inept or that they don’t care anymore about him because he’s on his way out. I see it from a completely different view. I think that video shows that those who are in charge of the President’s security had done their job quite well. The fact that this individual desperately seeking attention and money (who has also now received an offer of a bride from a Palestinian group) wasn’t able to bring in a knife, bomb or any other kind of weapon. All he had was his shoes!
I also think he’s done a great job considering all the circumstances. We can’t blame him for the world economy or even the economy of the U.S. when it’s been headed downward since 9/11.
I don’t think he’s perfect by any means, he’s made some mistakes but if you think Obama is going to do anything different that matters, then you’re going to be severely disappointed. If anything good comes during Obama’s term, it’ll only be because of policies Bush has already set in motion (no different then when Clinton rode on Reganomics during his terms).
I travel extensively and it’s not true that the entire world hates Bush. For example, I currently live in India and they are crazy about Bush here and let’s remember there are over a billion people in this country alone. They are all going on and on about how Bush is aware and quick enough to have been able to dodge those shoes. It made me kinda proud. I bet Obama, even though much younger, would’ve caught it right between the eyes and I’m sure he wouldn’t have enough wits about him after to make a joke about it.
Rabbi Stanley

I agree!

Shalom Jessica,
Welcome to our community. I'm glad you agree, feel free to post on our other articles.
Rabbi Stanley

I voted for Bush both times.  Actually I voted against a continuation of the Clinton/Gore administration through Al Gore,  the first time. 

I think Bush was O.K.  He is no Reagan.  But when he greeted the Pope,  and said the Pope was a great man of G-d,  I nearly puked.  Before that I thought ol' W. was a Christian.  Oh well.

I'm sure we would be fighting Al-Qaeda on the streets of America if Gore would have been president. 

That muslim Obama will make sure we end up fighting Al-Qaeda here in the U.S. when he convinces all his adoring sycophants that Islam is the religion of peace,  and America should submit to Islam's demands,  in grateful dhimmitude.

Shalom Steve,
Yes, Bush was better then the alternative so I backed him. But when early on he went and prayed at a Mosque, I lost most of my respect and I was also disappointed when he (Bush also said this) called Islam "a religion of peace". He was uninformed and naive. When dealing with politicians, we have to pick the lesser of two evils and Bush was by far the better of the two available.
As far as the Pope goes, John Paul was the best Pope we've had in a long time, and he was a Jew. I went and heard him speak in Rome, he was quite intelligent but as all popes are, not a man of G-d. This Pope is much worse, I've also heard him speak in person, he introduced John Paul when I was in Rome. I think had not John Paul been in power before him, he'd have already done much worse then he already has. The fact that this Pope restored a Bishop, Richard Williamson, who denies the Holocaust is terrible. The Pope has been excused by some saying that he wasn't aware of what Williamson believes but that doesn't hold water because as far as I know, the Pope hasn't rescinded or changed anything and certainly he knows now!
Rabbi Stanley